Fermer la Fenêtre
(vidéo de présentation du spectacle, nécessite le plugin Flash)

This play was imagined after the finding by scientists, some 4 years ago, through the use of X rays, that Mona Lisa, the “Joconde”, wore a necklace. Why should that mysterious smile of hers be not be due to this necklace, that is to say to something she kept to herself as a precious secret

We then went one step further and conceived a play in our artistic line, based on the fascination of “the making” live, using computer drawing and video tools and staging a guided visit of the world of portrait, from Leonardo da Vinci to Picasso, while referring all the way trough to this magic necklace. In our mind, this necklace is the symbol of a happy childhood and whoever wears it will enjoy playing again.

It may well be that as long as one enjoys playing with what day to day life provides, one may lead a happy life, even though one’s job may be the most boring, such as that of museum warden. This could be the secret of everlasting memory.

Nola Rae, an English wordless clown and director, internationally known, leaves in this play her humorous and precise but lively touch.

Vidéo réalisée par "Grand Angle" pour Seynod-Mag